Retractable Reel Washing Line, 15m of Drying Space

£8.99 £7.99

  • Easy to use retractable outdoor washing line
  • Stows neatly away when not in use
  • Fully retractable with UV stable protective casing
  • Clips off bracket for winter storage
  • Includes all wall fixings needed
Last updated on March 18, 2020 2:48 pm


The Minky Retractable washing line is suitable for small gardens, patios or balconies and provides a full 15 m of drying space. The strong PVC coated line is sunlight resistant and easy to wipe clean.

It attaches to the wall with a special bracket which means it can simply clip off for removal when not required.

Manufacturer’s Description

This 15m washing line is designed for homes without the space for a conventional rotary airer. This retractable reel is ideal for small gardens, patios and balconies and provides a full 15m of drying space. The line is sunlight resistant and the reel can be removed from its bracket when not in use.

Minky has a long history, it’s a family owned and run business and can trace its roots back to the mid-nineteenth century in Rochdale, Lancashire. It aims to make household chores as easy as possible and its designers and technicians search out new ways to make everyday tasks a little bit simpler, more pleasant or quicker.


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